All electronics require voltage control

VConduit is the ideal programmable power controller for simplifying any power supply set-up.

Combine VConduit with a wall adapter, and it becomes an affordable, adjustable power supply.

With an output range of 1.2-25V and max current of 2.5A, VConduit can power anything from Arduinos and Raspberry Pis to multiple DC Motors.

Simply connect the device to your PC and change the output voltage via our simple built-in app.
Since VConduit is programmable, you can re-use it for every project!


Traditional power controllers are limited

VConduit is easier to use, more accurate and more flexible.

Traditional power controllers are limited by their input and output voltage range, overall wattage, adjustability once in a circuit, and their voltage inaccuracy due to their potentiometers. We have dealt with these issues by incorporating the best electronics into our design


Tech Specs

  • Texas Instruments LMxxxx series voltage regulators
  • Input voltage range: 5V-32V
  • Output voltage range: 1.2V-25V
  • Maximim current: 2.5A
  • Maximum power: 60W

By providing a very simple GUI to control the device, the user can accurately set their desired output voltage. Once disconnected from the PC, the device retains it's settings even without applied power.


Choosing VConduit

VConduit is the first adjustable power supply which does not require any potentiometers or on-board buttons.


Voltage can be adjusted using any PC.
Safe, accurate and easy.


VCounduit is breadboard ready with Vin/Vout/Gnd pins at the bottom


Through-holes for Vin/Vout/Gnd provide wire access for maximum flexibility.

Wide Input Range

Minimum 5V
Maximum 32V

Wide Output Range

Minimum 1.2V
Maximum 25V


Maximum current is 2.5A
Maximum power is 60W